Our Love of Pets

What many fail to realize is that pets suffer a loss when they are separated from children who enter care. On any given day over 14,000 children sit in the Georgia foster care system. Our goal is to preserve the bond between children and pets to raise awareness of this critical issue. Pets and children thrive in a home where they feel welcomed, loved, safe, and purposeful. If you meet a child in foster care, ask about the family pet. You may find that the scar of this abrupt separation does not heal. North Georgia Angel House recognizes this bond and has maintained many relationships between children and their pets. We believe this is a win for both the child and the pet.


Bert came to join us as a senior. His time with us brought us a calm, gentle spirit that quickly assessed all and found no reason not to extend his belly for a few rubs. Bert enjoyed napping and running laps in the office, and his signature “Bertsie Bounce,” was sure to bring a smile to any face.


Leo joined us as a puppy who had right-sided heart failure. His battle with cardiac issues took him after three short years with us. Our time with Leo reminded us that despite our hardships, our job is to live each day to its fullest. A special “thank you” to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital for the care given to our boy for his final year with us.


Sailor joined us with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD). His physical limitations never slowed his spirit. Sailor patrolled the campus, seeking free hands who need to process the day to contemplate and rub on demand. His short legs and robust belly brightened every day.  

Let’s build something together.

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