At The North Georgia Angel House (NGAH), we service all counties in the state of Georgia. We provide a wide range of services that give foster children a safe place to live all the while teaching them valuable life skills with a consistent and prudent parenting style. We understand that fostering children is more than providing housing and food which is why our services include: Life Skills, Counseling, Supervised Family Time, Behavior Modification, On and Off-Campus Activities, Tutoring, Conflict Resolution, Meal Planning, Employment Assistant, 24-hour Supervision, Mentoring Program (WINGS), Medical Referrals, Dental Referrals, Psychiatric Referrals, Transportation, Family Team Meetings, Case Management, Medication Management, Money Management Training, Casey Life Skills Assessment, Safety Planning Transitional and Independent Living Services.

Base, Additional, and Maximum Foster Care Admission

We are results-driven and rely on an incentive-based approach to bring about change. As a result, we offer a level system that rewards good choices with increased privileges and freedom. We believe that our system is parallel to the expectations waiting outside of the foster care system. Good grades and good choices mean more privileges and time off-campus with friends and being involved in the community.

The admission criteria is a female in the foster care system between the ages of 12-21. We accept placement from all over Georgia so give us a call to start the process.

Transitional Living Admission

Our Transitional Living Program (TLP) is for females between the ages of 16-21 that are in the foster care system. TLP begins the transition from the traditional group home life.

This two bedroom one bath apartment is staff accessible. This allows youth to begin grocery shopping, preparing their own meals, getting up for school without a reminder and begin to experience adult life with support systems in place.

Our girls continue to receive case management services, tutoring, life skills, and clinical services as they prepare for emancipation.

Independent Living Admission

Youth preparing to exit the foster care system can benefit from our ILP services. Females ages 18-21 who have been in the foster care system for six months at any time during childhood qualify.

Other requirements include work and school and saving up to 50% of all earned income to prepare for life after care.

We cover all living expenses in a local apartment for 14 months and a portion of all expenses for the final 22 months. Case management and clinical services follow our youth to help exit care with the necessary support to succeed.

Giving Girls Roots. Giving Girls Wings.

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