The Garage Band Angels

There is a saying that “music is food for the soul.” Fortunately, the AMPED Kids Foundation from Gainsville, GA. has found the desire to feed us! This week, AMPED began working with many of our girls at what looks like a musical buffet at our home. When we were contacted to see which of our girls would like voice or musical lessons, we thought we might meet one or two. We had no idea that our next steps would be starting a Garage Band!

We now have a drummer, three guitarists, four vocalists, two piano players, and one keyboard girl. Our summer plans include rolling up the garage doors and let the girls work together to form a band. If you’re looking to buy a home in the area, be forewarned! Lol!

By now, some of you may wondering “Is that a good idea?” And we say, “Heck yes!” Why? Because children that are working together for a common goal learn skills that are virtually impossible to teach elsewhere. Music is said to have seven important ingredients to feeding the soul.

The first is to improve brainpower. Using the brain means keeping it busy. A busy brain is less likely to dwell on the negatives and look for the positives. The second, it develops social skills. Many of our girls are here to learn social skills to help build healthy relationships along the way in life.

The third, is confidence. I don’t know about you, but I have learned that children who have confidence hold their head a little bit higher. They are a little bit more likely to find something positive in an otherwise dark day. The fourth is, it inspires creativity. There is no doubt that we will soon have a CD out. Stay tuned!

The fifth is patience. This one might take a minute. I anticipate that our band name might originate out of this simple task. Just sayin’… The sixth is expression. We encourage our girls to find positive ways to express themselves. What better way than to belt out a melody with a band of your closest friends. Move over Alanis Morissett!

And finally, it teaches discipline. We spend a great deal of our day here teaching the value of self-discipline. This is the single most important motivator to get up, get dressed, get to school, make good grades, set a goal, stick to it, and then do it again. Over time, those who learn the value of self-discipline find they accomplish more in this thing called life that we are all here to contribute to.

So the next time you hear of a “Garage Band,” I hope you will think of us. Some will sing and some will dance, but together we will thrive. Visit our website often to see what we’re up to.

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I'm the Executive Director of the North Georgia Angel House Inc. located in Canton, GA. I joined our agency in 2007 after leaving the Miami area where I also worked in the field of child welfare. Over the span of nearly 30 years I have served on all sides of the system. Prior to child welfare I served in the US Navy for seven years on both active duty and in the reserves. You will rarely see me without my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Join me in my journey to share my love of what we do.

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