We made the team!

Six months ago two sisters came to live with us. The two could not be more opposite. One tiny in stature and bright brown eyes that watched every move of others without ever making a sound. When asked routine questions, she would smile quietly and politely nod. Her sister on the other hand, came in like a torpedo. Her bright blue eyes and laughter can be heard around the home on any given day. If a conversation is happening within earshot, she contributes.

One month ago, two more sisters came to live with us. One tall with striking blue eyes and an easy going personality. Her young sister smaller and lovingly described as a firecracker. Again, opposite personalities but like our other sisters, just thankful to be living together. Both sets of sisters have left brothers behind that are living in the foster care system. Visits happen in offices rather than homes and the time spent together is never long enough.

Our young sisters struck up a friendship that led to them to soccer try outs tonight. For four hours, two girls, both with a sister waiting on the sidelines took the field and gave it their all. As the two older sisters huddled on the sidelines offering sibling support and waiting to hear their young sisters name called, the sound of joy filled the air!

As we celebrate this accomplishment tonight, we learned many things. The sister that we once thought didn’t have much to say, has been taking voice lessons and has the voice of Mariah Carey! Our sister with the rock star personality has started playing guitar. Our two young sisters have turned into athletes. What could you become if you allowed yourself to let go of your fears?

We are so fortunate to get to witness life changing events happen every single day for our girls. To see children being children and a spark in their eyes to tackle something that is new and exciting is bold! Children are like plants. If they are given roots, they can sprout their wings.

So tonight we celebrate our two new soccer girls that are taking on the town one game at a time! Stay tuned to hear how we are making a difference. Visit us often at http://www.angelhousega.com to learn how you can get involved!

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I'm the Executive Director of the North Georgia Angel House Inc. located in Canton, GA. I joined our agency in 2007 after leaving the Miami area where I also worked in the field of child welfare. Over the span of nearly 30 years I have served on all sides of the system. Prior to child welfare I served in the US Navy for seven years on both active duty and in the reserves. You will rarely see me without my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Join me in my journey to share my love of what we do.

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