The Miranda Lambert Kitchen…

Yesterday under a bright sunny sky a new day began. It wasn’t a time change or the beginning a season, it was the opening of the newly remodeled home. For weeks, our community has poured every ounce of energy they could muster to make us amazing. Our yard has been graded, a retaining wall built, gutters replaced, siding installed, concrete poured, mulch and plants installed, ceilings scraped and painted, and many other tasks such as changing out outlets and lights. No detail was forgotten as the old home made way for a state of the art area where the girls could have a meal. As we cut the ribbon with those who gave so much, we walked in together to nothing short of a miracle.

Our old kitchen with so many bad habits such as leaking water, dropping cabinet doors, and collecting grease was gone. Instead, white shaker cabinets with sparkling granite invited every single guest to come in and admire her. We had no idea when HomeAid heard our distress call that we would meet the friends of a lifetime from Taylor Morrison Construction.

Througout the summer and into the winter seemed like a Miranda Lambert melody. “Plans were drawn and concrete poured nail by nail and board by board” the house turned into a home. We have been saturated by contractors who not only overhauled our home, but did so with love. These men and women all standing together today to admire the work was a visual we won’t forget.

As the dinner hour began and kids sat for the first time in their new home, it was apparent that the love poured into the home was worth the investment. The first home cooked meal was served while girls sat at the counter and worked on their meal plans together. Our newest arrival to join our family was quickly brought up to speed on “you would not believe what this kitchen used to look like!”

As our girls read the names on the plaque that pays homage to those who serve, stories were told of how many people came to make the home so beautiful. Much like a fish tale, the numbers are embellished each time I hear them. But, the reality is this. Twenty-Two companies have relentlessly poured thousands of hours and resources into our house to make it our home. As the meal clean up began, a sense of pride was found in the ones making sure that their home remained pristine. We will forever be grateful for the home and those who will always be considered a part of our family. To the hundreds of hands that have touched us, we hope you know that we appreciate you.

If you’re in the area, come and see us! Our friends might be out doing something amazing, but proudly displayed in our home is a plaque that serves a reminder our girls are loved. Visit our website often to see how our community helps us make a difference. A special thanks to our Builder Captain Ronnie Cline of Taylor Morrison Construction. Cheers! To the man who is never rattled and always has a solution, we appreciate you!

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I'm the Executive Director of the North Georgia Angel House Inc. located in Canton, GA. I joined our agency in 2007 after leaving the Miami area where I also worked in the field of child welfare. Over the span of nearly 30 years I have served on all sides of the system. Prior to child welfare I served in the US Navy for seven years on both active duty and in the reserves. You will rarely see me without my beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Join me in my journey to share my love of what we do.

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