Carla Roberts Foundation

The Carla Roberts Foundation was established with the untimely passing of one of our dearest friends, Carla Roberts. Carla was the type of person that we all strive to be but often fall short of. Her quiet demeanor was deceiving. She was always in the background quietly sponsoring a child or event that would bring some revenue to the girls in her neighborhood.

When one of our girls left for college, it was Carla who showed up at 5 am with a thermos of hot coffee, a warm smile and a car load of furnishings to help her succeed.

In memory of Carla Roberts, the agency holds a local “fitness walk” in the fall each year. The event isn’t timed and much of the event is centered around the “honor system.” These two systems are not by chance, it is by nature. Carla was one who loved life; and it showed. She walked “the hill” each day and lived her life giving back to others.

Each year, one candidate is eligible for the distinguished “Carla Roberts Scholarship.” This scholarship is offered through sponsorship at the North Georgia Angel House in conjunction with the Carla Roberts Foundation.

Students that receive the scholarship must “give back” by contributing eight hours a week to the Angel House. In addition, they must study in the field of Human Services.

Though Carla has left us, through the Carla Roberts Foundation her legacy lives on.

If you would like to contribute to the Carla Roberts Foundation, please call us. We’d love to tell you more.

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