Foster Gift Shop

When the economy began cutting jobs, the North Georgia Angel House got busy trying to find a solution for employment for our girls. In order to be eligible for the Independent Living Home, our girls needed to have employment of at least 9-25 hours per week. Many of our girls realized quickly that they were competing against good candidates in today’s economy. As an alternative, the agency joined ranks with the “Candy Bouquet” to purchase a Franchise. The store, now named “Foster Gift Shop,” allows children the opportunity to work and earn wages. The arrangements are more than a bouquet, they are a work of art! As talent and interest grew, we expanded our services to make jewelry, signs, custom art and other treasures all created by our girls. Our girls sell their inventory on their website and in the store and earn income with every sale.

Each item is hand crafted with the customer in mind. We can help you say “thanks” to your customers or say “I love you” to someone special. Each arrangement is as unique as the child that assembled it. In addition to sending someone something spectacular, 100% of the proceeds are returned back to the North Georgia Angel House Inc. Life is sweet!

Visit our store at or in person at

100 Hospital Road
Canton, Georgia 30114

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate 10 years of “giving girls roots, giving girls wings” with us!



We are so excited to invite you to join us on September 10, 2017. We will gather together and celebrate 10 years of raising kids together. Please stay tuned for all the details!


If you would like to receive updates about this event, please email



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