Our Love of Pets

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If you frequent the Angel House you will likely meet our mascot “Leo.” Leo is a loving Corgi that paces about and offers support wherever he feels it’s needed. Just a few inches from the floor you’ll find a huge pot belly that loves to be rubbed on a warm afternoon. We believe that animals bring a strong sense of balance to our children. If you have ever loved a pet, you know each animal will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who know them. We wish to honor all of the furry friends who have made an impact on the lives around them and crossed over the rainbow bridge, especially our boy Bert.

Our agency partners with the Cherokee County Humane Society to find homes for pets that are without a home.

Until we meet again, please be kind to animals and consider opening your home to a pet today.

Visit www.petfinders.com to learn more.


A special thank you to Riverstone Animal Hospital who supports our animal family.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate 10 years of “giving girls roots, giving girls wings” with us!



We are so excited to invite you to join us on September 10, 2017. We will gather together and celebrate 10 years of raising kids together. Please stay tuned for all the details!


If you would like to receive updates about this event, please email Rsvp@angelhousega.com



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