Learn about Our Girls

Our Girls

Our girls come from all over Georgia and stay for both short and long periods of time. While here, we teach life skills, community involvement , job training, conflict resolution and countless other skills that give our girls the best start in life possible.

While staying with us, our girls become a part of our family. We get to experience many successes together. Our girls attend school dances, extracurricular activities, weekend outings, and grow up while living with us.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate 10 years of “giving girls roots, giving girls wings” with us!



We are so excited to invite you to join us on September 10, 2017. We will gather together and celebrate 10 years of raising kids together. Please stay tuned for all the details!


If you would like to receive updates about this event, please email Rsvp@angelhousega.com



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